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WiseNews - February 2019

WiseNews - February 2019

New Classes! New Class Series! New Packages!


February 2019
Welcome to WiseNews, our monthly newsletter!


Four packages that will give you sustainable movement options in sitting, standing, and lying down! 
We'll be offering a 1-Class/1-Session package in the months of February, March, and April, building up to a 4-Class Series in May!!  You're welcome to buy packages individually however, we recommend combining all four packages, with a 10% discount, for the best results.  See full details, including dates and packages in the Awareness Through Movement® Class section below.

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Awareness Through Movement®

Class Schedule

Wednesday February 20th
Taught by Alea

*February Package: 1 Class / 1 Session $90

Wednesday March 20th
Taught by Linda
March Package: 1 Class / 1 Session $90

Wednesday April 17th
Taught by Alea

*April Package: 1 Class / 1 Session $90

* Click the link above to buy the corresponding package

Join Linda for an Awareness Through Movement® Class Series  starting Wednesday, May 8th from 6:00-7:00pm! 

4-class series
May 8th
May 15th
May 22nd
May 29th

4-class series and 1 session for $135

4-class series and 2 sessions for $210

* We ask that you pay cash or check for these series packages
* When you purchase a package you will receive a code that is used to schedule your session.  It is the most beneficial to schedule your session close to the date of the class.

All 7 classes and 1 session per month
10% discount

(Normally $405)

*Due to the fees imposed by our credit card processing service, in order to maintain the discount on this package it is only available if paid for via cash or check.

*Please be aware* 
- you must register for class before attending (space is limited so no drop-ins)

- session codes expire a week before the next class
- packages are non-refundable after date of purchase
Have You Ever Considered
What habits do you have? 
What do you do that isn't a habit?

Habits can be beneficial, helping us conserve energy; like our morning routine before we go to work.  Habits can also cause problems, like clenching our jaw when we concentrate. They can be unconscious or conscious, and can change with context.  So what do you do that's habitual?

Featured FAQ

Who is Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais?
Laborer - Tutor - Soccer Player
World Traveler - Martial artist - Judo Master
Engineer - Physicist - Inventor
Creator of the Feldenkrais Method®

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais drew upon his knowledge as a physicist, Judo master, and mechanical engineer - as well as his studies in psychology, anatomy, child development and evolution - in order to develop the Feldenkrais Method®. He proposed that as a result of our environment, we adopt physical and psychological patterns of behavior. These patterns become integrated, and sometimes create limitations in movement as well as pain throughout our system. These understandings of movement lead Feldenkrais to develop an innovative method that can change patterns of dysfunction, relieve pain, and release emotional stress.

More FAQs
Moshe Feldenkrais Bio
Did you Know Wise Move Offers Gift Cards!
Know a friend or family member who could benefit from Feldenkrais® but isn't sure they want to pay for a session?  Gift Cards are a great way to get them in the door. Consider a gift card in the amount of an above package so they get the full effect!
*Customize any amount*
*Gift Cards are reloadable*
Quote Of The Month:
"Quality means doing it right
when no one is looking"

~ Henry Ford
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