Featured Client:

"I heard about the Feldenkrais Method® and Linda (Wise Move) from my wife who was seeing her for Migraine headaches upon referral from her physician.  I myself was a year out from a knee replacement and still having a limp, pain, stiffness and difficulties with balance.  When I finished Physical Therapy they told me to "walk normally" although that was easier said than done!

After my first session with Linda I felt significantly more grounded and aware of my gait.  And after five sessions my symptoms were 90% resolved!  I have been able to maintain that with attending her group classes when able and occasionally scheduling an in person session.

I would highly recommend Wise Move and Feldenkrais® to anyone with musculoskeletal health issues."

~Paul D. Ponstein, DO

What did people have to say...

"I was given an incredible introduction to Feldenkrais during my session with Linda at the community clinic. I found that Feldenkrais is a gentle yet powerful healing modality that has really changed my life. I have spent many years in a high stress position in the medical field, including long hours in front of the computer. I tried other modalities including massage and acupuncture. It wasn’t until I started the Feldenkrais method with Linda that I started letting go of my stress both spiritually and physically. Linda made me feel very comfortable about opening up to her and expressing my concerns. After my session, I felt a positive shift in my well-being, feeling stronger and more centered. The effects were long lasting. I used the added instruction Linda provided that I could take with me when I am at work. I have been able to decrease my pain and stress significantly. I have colleagues ask me what is different about me, and I attribute it to my good fortune to have Linda introduce me to the Feldenkrais Method."

~ Happy Customer

"Running has been a big part of my life for the past 35 years so when a lower back injury sidelined me I began looking for ways to heal it. It was a 24-hour pain, and I wasn't even able to carry my 2-year-old daughter on my back up to bed. I tried chiropractic for several months, but finally decided that was making it worse. I saw a gifted acupuncturist who temporarily relieved some pain, but admitted she wasn't going to be able to provide a long-time cure. Finally I went to a back specialist who was touted as the best in town. He wanted to do surgery and told me to stop running (I had started jogging again, but with pain.) Three years went by before I finally found Feldenkrais. After the first session, I felt like it was doing nothing, but I had been advised to give it at least 3 meetings before I judged its effectiveness. Sure enough, after the third Functional Integration session over a three week period my pain was completely gone. I have gone back several times since with acute muscle pain and always found relief. I have also recommended this amazing movement therapy to other athletes whom have had similar results. It is well worth your time."

~ Dennis Grantz

"I thought I successfully treated my shoulder injury with physical therapy but over time my lower back, neck, and shoulder became so tight and sore that it kept me up at night and I couldn't sit for very long. Through Feldenkrais I learned how to move and care for my body throughout the day and do simple movements on the floor at home to stay healthy and pain free. It's not just the method of Feldenkrais that is so remarkable but the experience of having Linda as your teacher. You won't find a more committed and compassionate partner in healing than Linda. She doesn't stand at the front of the room barking out instruction she moves around always checking on her students. Her calm, kind, and caring spirit will make her class the best part of your day. Enjoy."

~ Jody Grantz

"Feldenkrais is one of my favorite methods for putting body and mind back together again. As with each healing art, there are some practitioners whose hands and intuition transcend the method. Linda Rosasco-Groshek is such a person. My sessions with Linda exceeded all expectations and were deeply enjoyable and therapeutic. She simply has a gift. When a gift like this is combined with an earnest desire to help and a disposition as delightful as Linda's, it makes for powerful medicine. Anyone would be lucky to be in Linda's capable hands."

~ Tamra Miller

I just wanted to say thank you to our clients that took the time to write such incredible words about our sessions. It’s truly a joy learning with you.

Thanks again!