Feldenkrais - Linda Groshek - Grand Haven - Grand Rapids


Completely recovered from severe pain since I was a young girl, the Feldenkrais Method® gave me my life back. From migraines to fibromyalgia I had severe pain covering my body. I tried everything you could imagine, surgeries that I didn’t need, changes in my diet and even electrodes that would send electric signals through my body it was awful! It took me some time but slowly the pain started going away from my tailbone up my spine through my neck and eventually relief in my head. It was so easy I was shocked (no pun intended). By becoming aware of movement that is healthy in your body, you can show the rest of your body how to move without pain. A strange concept I know but it worked!!! I am pain free and can sense if a pressure (not pain) starts to happen. I now have the skills to move away from pain within five to ten minutes. At age 52 I couldn’t stop there I had to let my fellow pain people know there is a way out. Its called The Feldenkrais Method® and I can show you how.



Feldenkrais - Alea Groshek - Grand Haven - Spring Lake


I became interested in the Feldenkrais Method® because of my mother. Sure she is a practitioner, but it was in seeing how the method helped her that truly inspired me. My mom had always suffered from migraines, and I remember many days she spent in bed waiting for them to subside. She did her Feldenkrais training when I was in college, and every time I came home I could see changes. She would be happier, we could plan more things, and eventually I got to spend my entire break with her! Seeing someone so close to me living happier was the deciding factor in my decision to learn Feldenkrais.