How to protect your Energy Level. Far too often we experience a person talking to us about something negative in their life. When a person does that they take your positive energy and leave you feeling worse than before they came. All of us have a lot to deal with throughout our lives so don't let people take your positive energy. If you've done something wrong to receive this negative energy then apologize always, live in your truth, but if you did nothing wrong imagine a 2-foot thick wall around you not allowing this person to take your positive energy. Stay relaxed think of something positive. No matter what they say you're not going to let it affect you and you're not going to feel sorry for them or reinstate their negative energy, because that's not good for them either. It's not about being stern with them or negative to them at all it's just about understanding yourself and how you feel. If you are physically not feeling well or emotionally sad then your energy level is low already so it's hard to take on somebody that's negative. If your energy level is high and you want to keep it there then make sure that you don't allow this person to affect you, even if you have to say "can you wait a minute I have to go to the restroom" or 'I need to take a shower", be creative start cleaning, do anything to break the cycle.. Protect your positive energy, it helps every person in your life; know when your energy level is low and take care of yourself. Be mindful not to take positive energy from other people. Take a shower, a walk in the woods, be near water or fire - it will always help to increase positive energy.  Live Your Truth and understand yourself.  Try going one day without one negative word coming out of your mouth and then try it for another day and another day and see how it makes you feel. You will feel such a relief to stop negative dialogue in your head. There will always be times in our lives when we need to talk to somebody about something negative but just make sure that you're being mindful of the other person’s energy level. Take a breath, relax, and stay positive.