Happy Monday Everyone,

In order to turn your nervous system into a learning system you need to pay attention to comfort in everything you do. When walking, standing, sitting, laying down, make sure you're comfortable. The nervous system will always tell you what you need, when your system isn't feeling right it will make you shift until it can learn.. Your shoes need to be laced evenly so the arch of your shoes stays on the arch of your foot without shifting. If your not sleeping good your bed is to soft or to hard. Try different places in the house to sleep: the couch, another bed in your house or someone else's house. Find the right density and then change your own bed. Memory foam beds will give you more and more pain, please don't buy those beds. When walking, if you're in pain walk in the woods on a softer ground. Pay attention when you are shifting around or you have pain signals, make yourself comfortable no matter where you are so your body will start to strengthen the signals to the nervous system giving you more movement and less pain. Very, very important as we age.