Lay on your side on the floor. A blanket on a hard floor works best if you're not in pain. Sense your ribs touching the floor. Did your breathing change? Did you take a large breath? If so continue to lay there for a few minutes. Your nervous system is learning about your ribcage. After a few minutes come to sitting, wait to stand until you feel grounded to the floor. The blood levels out you don't feel light headed at all. Do the same thing when you stand. Wait a few minutes before walking. Walk on a smooth hard floor not tiled with grout. See how you move and feel. Can you breath better? Do you feel any difference? Take note what side you laid on. This can change from day to day but for now the side you laid is what your nervous system prefers. Keep feeling the weight of your body in your feet throughout your day. This will help the nervous system to continue learning. By doing this daily you will continue to feel better. Have a great day k!!