Did you know that if you lay on your back on the floor for twenty minutes your whole nervous system stabilizes.  Lay blankets or some kind of cushion first if you have pain in your body, also bend your knees and stand your feet if you have back pain it will provide slack in your spine.  Sense where the floor touches your body.  Start with your heels touching and work your way up your body until you reach your head touching.  Do this again when the twenty minutes has passed.

When the body is having trouble moving or is in pain its like a weak signal on a television, very fuzzy.  the nervous system becomes weak in its ability to find areas in the body, heal them, and bring back movement properly.  When you lay on the floor the nervous system receives feedback from the floor and starts to recover a stronger signal; on a t.v imagine the picture becoming clearer and clearer.  Do this every day for twenty minutes and see how much better you feel.  Use the necessary cushion on the floor to be comfortable.  Comfort is key, it will allow your breathing to relax and flow.  When you get up from the floor move slowly, stand for a few minutes on a hard floor, not carpet, until you feel grounded in your feet, then walk around slowly and see how you feel.  Do you feel a difference?  Try this daily and see if you can feel a difference when you get up and walk around.  In this fast paced life it is very important to sustain stability within the nervous system.  Some movements can start to recover and pain can fade.  Enjoy!!!