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Sports Injuries

Movement cannot possibly sustain itself through repetitive movements.  The only way to continue moving smoothly with little to no injuries is through a clear sense of awareness within the nervous system.  Once this takes place a slight shift in weight within a moments notice can mean avoiding a severe injury that could have taken months to recover.  Pressures are felt before pain accrues in order to avoid injury.  If you have an injury already, recovery becomes much simpler and faster.  When you master Awareness Through Movement® within your nervous system you can change the outcome of your athletic career.  

Read more about Moshe Feldenkrais, he developed this method because of a sports injury.
"Embodied Wisdom"

A Note From Alea:

As a fellow athlete I can speak to what Feldenkrais does for those pesky but common problem areas: ankles, knees, shoulders, etc. In particular I suffered three major ankle sprains over the course of a few months that had me taping my ankle every game for years; and it affected my performance as I always had some fear I’d sprain it again. Now after having done Feldenkrais I can say I don’t have that fear anymore, and I no longer tape my ankle! It is liberating to have this awareness of my own movement and to feel that I can make minor adjustments in the moment that can keep me from injuries and pain. This isn’t to say I’ll never get hurt again, but I know now there is a way to come back from it, and part of that process is in my control.

Learning to inhibit unwanted contractions of muscles that function without, or in spite of, our will, is the main task in coordinated action.
— Moshe Feldenkrais
Helping Ankle and Knee Injuries - Wise Move