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Chronic Headache Relief - Wise Move

I know how you are feeling, I had migraines as a little girl and through most of my adult life, but no longer.

With my kids about ready to leave the nest, I decided it was my time. I started a 4-year training program in California called the Feldenkrais Method®, which taught me how to notice pressures in my head of an oncoming migraine – signs that exist before the pain ever begins. With this recognition came the ability to prevent a migraine from surfacing. This simple but powerful awareness of those pressures started a process through which I was able to reclaim my life. The best part was it didn’t feel like work, the more I learned the more surprised I was by its capabilities. Turn the light on again and make plans because you're going out without worrying anymore.

My migraines can surface if I ignore the pressures but now it is a choice and not three days spent in a dark room. Come out of the darkness and into the calm peaceful light of the Feldenkrais Method®.

~ Linda