Lifting and Grasping - Wise Move

Lift something as light as a cup of coffee without affecting your breathing patterns, without tension in your head, neck and shoulders. Ease in movement without resistance in anyway is Dr. Moshe’s discovery.

Dr. Moshe describes, the less effort we use the faster we learn.  

All of our senses are so built that we can distinguish minute differences when our senses are only slightly stimulated. If I were to carry a heavy load on my back, I could not tell if a box of matches were added to the load, nor would I become aware of it being removed. What is, in fact, the weight that must be added or removed to make one aware that some change of effort has occurred? For muscular effort or our kinesthetic sense, that weight is about one-fortieth of the basic effort for very good nervous systems. On carrying four hundred pounds, we can tell at once when ten pounds are added or removed from the load. On carrying forty pounds, we can tell a change of one pound. And everybody can tell with closed eyes when a fly alights on a thin match-like piece of wood or straw, or when it takes to the air again. In short, the smaller the exertion, the finer the increment or decrement that we can distinguish and... The lighter the effort we make, the faster is our learning of any skill... 


Lifting is a movement we need to sustain as we age, find out how simple this can be to achieve.