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My Story,

My doctor once said to me, “It seems like you might have Fibromyalgia.” Other friends had suggested the same thing, so I decided to research the condition. When I read that it was very difficult to diagnose, I felt as though red flashing lights were going off, warning me not to label myself. I have found through the Feldenkrais Method® that the mind is very powerful. Once you believe in that label the brain says, “okay you have fibromyalgia.” While I refused to accept the label, the pain was unbearable at times. It would travel from my hips and low back, up my spine, and across my shoulders – sometimes resulting in a migraine. It took years of trying medications, changing my diet, and even surgeries before my sister – a Feldenkrais practitioner® of 25 years – said, “Linda you need to learn the Feldenkrais Method®.” She told me I would learn to be aware of the warning signs that indicate pain, and how to move past it before it surfaced. During my training the pain started going away, first in my pelvis and low back, then gradually up my spine and across my shoulders, up my neck and in my eyes. The time between migraines became longer and longer. Finally I only had pain at C7 near the base of my neck. With one session from my trainer all my pain was gone. Best of all I knew what to do to sustain it. If you suffer from this pain, come find your way out like I did.


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