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Children with Special Needs

Linda Groshek and the Jeremy Krauss Approach for children with special needs.

Trained in Germany with Jeremy Krauss; this approach allows children with special needs to learn how to develop physically, mentally and emotionally.  Each child learns within themselves differences in movement and development; continuing to learn while they are at home or within their environment.  Progress flows with new options as  parent and practitioner work together creating advancements.  There are many conditions that can benefit from JKA: such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, sensory processing difficulties, spasticity, hypertonicity and any other child with developmental challenges or emotional stress.

Parents of children of special needs should know that through neuro-plasticity the brain DOES have the ability to create new neurological pathways. These pathways allow a child’s system to develop new patterns of movement that currently seem impossible.  As the brain grows in its capacity to learn it also helps to relieve emotional stress and pain.  By allowing movement to slow down, the brain has a chance to catch up so to speak with what the child’s systems truly needs to understand.  

The movements in this method are not goal oriented in anyway; in fact goals are not optimal.  We allow each system to find what is needed at any given moment through individual sessions called Functional Integration® (F.I.)  The more open to the child’s experience with the method, the better the result.  The child becomes engaged and enjoys the feel of new shifts and changes.  He or she will become sensitive to openings of growth and wellbeing.  The growth is substantially more powerful when the parents can understand their own system.  Parents that have children with special needs dedicate themselves in furthering the growth of their children yet are unaware of the advances that can happen within their own system.  These advances will release emotional stress that will not only help you but also your child.  Of coarse your system is completely different than your child’s yet it is equally important for all lives involved.  We teach Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) classes and give individual sessions called Function Integration® (FI) to parents so that they can clear emotional stress and develop movement within their own system. Having both the parent and child learn through this method makes for a strong dynamic in growth and wellbeing. However if taking classes is not an option for you we do assist the parents into an understanding that is best for both you and your child.  We love watching families find new pathways for growth.  Every child is a special gift in this world and deserves the very best that life has to offer.  We can show you and give you options for your child.  Let us know when you would like to get started.  This is our life’s passion and we care deeply about each child and parent that crosses our path.